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Promotional Packaging for Luxury Goods

If you can't change your product, you can certainly use innovative promotional packaging effectively to deliver your brand values at the point of sale and improve sales and profits.

More specifically, promotional packaging can generate trial purchases and increase purchase frequency. It can announce product changes more effectively than other marketing communications methods. If you want to get services of promotional packaging then you can visit northcoastprinting.

Promotional Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

The job of promotional packaging is to create a compelling reason for the customer to buy now.

A promotional flash would normally go on the left-hand side of new packaging, as that's where graphics are best perceived and remembered (words go on the right). The flash could highlight a new feature, a competition, a frequent purchaser program, or a point of difference designed to disrupt the automatic purchase of a rival brand and force the buyer to consider ours.

If yours is a low-cost product, the perception of value can be easily raised using beautiful, high-quality packaging boxes, fabric pouches, or interesting carton designs. By providing more to reward the consumer for their purchase and make them feel special, it can make shopping a more enjoyable activity. Tying good feelings to your products is key to building a great brand.

Great, well-engineered, bespoke packaging can be useful, too. When Duracell discovered their customers found it hard to extract their hearing aid batteries from the packaging and place them in their hearing aid, the company designed promotional packaging that made it easy to change hearing aid batteries. Designing useful packaging brought Duracell increased sales and improved brand loyalty.