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Different Types Of Steel Sections

Steel is a very versatile metal that can be cut into various dimensions and shapes. In the manufacturing industry, structural fabricators make diverse steel sections to be used in the construction of bridges, structures, and skyscrapers as well as industrial equipment. Based on the location and the blueprint drawn by the engineer kinds of steel sections are employed.

Steel Fabricators use a variety of steel sections. The most frequently employed steel sections manufactured by steel fabricators are:

The Angled Sections

They are steel bars that have angular or L-shaped shapes. They may be shaped with equal or unmatched sides and will always form a right angle. These steel structural sections with angular shapes are typically used to create the frame of buildings. You may have a peek at https://anysizesteel.co.uk/all-steel-sections/ to buy the finest steel sections.

14 Types of Rolled Steel Sections -Shapes, Sizes and Properties

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U-shaped channels

These are steel u-shaped bars. They appear in a range of sizes, and their two sides are always parallel and at right angles to each other. U-shaped channels are used as braces in building to support the structure. They are also used to support carports.

Flat Bars

It is virtually impossible to think of any type of construction without flat steel bars. They are typically employed to connect to other sections. They are economical flexible, adaptable, and environmentally sustainable. Flat bars can be made in any shape you want or can be used in conjunction with different steel sections that are manufactured.


They feature a cross-section that is either H-shaped or I-shaped. I-beams and universal beams are other names for these. I-Beams are commonly employed in the building sector. Because they have a strong center, they give vertical support. These beams can be used independently or cast in concrete.