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Maximize Your Outdoor Space With A Motorized Retractable Screen

The motorized retractable screen is one of the best-selling items for outdoor improvement. The retractable screen can turn any open porch into an enclosed, insect-free space without blocking your view. 

For many people, their outdoor activities are often limited by rain, heat, or cold. Installing a motorized retractable patio shade will fix this.

 retractable patio screens

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Why Buy Motorized Retractable Screens?

Outdoor enthusiasts are unlikely to spend too much time outside. Unfortunately, time outdoors is often limited due to heat, rain, and insects. Installing a retractable screen solves each of these problems, along with many other benefits.

1. Weather protection

The motor-retractable screen protects against all the elements. In hot weather, the screen acts as a cooler, blocking the entry of heat and UV rays into the room. Without direct sunlight, the room is cool and comfortable. Precipitation is also controlled on your patio as the screen distracts from the rain.

2. Save on energy costs

The retractable screen helps control the temperature in your home. When the sun hits your home in the summer, insulation can be very effective.

Keeping the screen that opens closed deflects sunlight, cools the patio, and controls the house's internal temperature. Adding these environmental controls creates a more energy-efficient home.

3. Affordable option

Retractable screens are an affordable option for homes and businesses. Apart from the convenience that screens offer, they also add value to the home.