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What To Look For When Shopping For A Portable Air Compressor

The first thing you need to do is write down each of the tools that will work together. You must then determine the compressed air throughput and the amount of compressed air the device draws from the compressor memory. 

Finding the perfect air compressor that can handle the type of work you want to do is often a rather difficult process. You can also buy air converters through various online sites.

Air Compressor

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However, with some standard information on how air compressors work, the terminology used in the compressor market, along with the differences between compressor types, will make it easier to choose the best compressor for your specific needs.

Technology term:

Familiarity with all compressor terminology is essential when deciding to purchase a compressor. Even though the number of compressors is often large, choosing the right unit can be made easier by asking a few basic questions.

Performance evaluation:

Compliance of the air tool or instrument with standard cubic feet per minute and PSI requirements for air compressor performance is critical. All instruments powered by compressors have an SCFM rating; this value indicates the air supply that is necessary for optimal instrument operation. 


Electric compressors are usually powered by a typical 110-120V power supply. However, air compressors with motors greater than 2HP may require a 220-240V power supply. 

If you want to work with your air compressor in a service center, garage, or other enclosed space, you'll need an electrically operated compressor.