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Taking Care For Your New Piercing

With proper care, your piercing will heal within the allotted time. In the event of a tongue, labret, or other piercing that requires jewelry replacement, please return on the date indicated by your piercing to resize the jewelry.

To ensure a speedy and complete healing process for your piercing, follow the procedures carefully like using piercing mist and thoroughly for the entire duration of the healing process. Your lifestyle and daily routine play a huge role in your ability to heal time.

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Things like wearing a hard hat often can affect the healing time of an ear-piercing, while frequent belly presses at the gym, swimming in the pool several times a week, or poor posture, especially when sitting at a desk, can affect ear healing. navel. Even working in dusty environments, such as building with your nose open or ear piercing, can affect your ability to heal.

It's also important to consider the type of clothing you wear most of the time. For example, high-waisted pants or a large belt can prolong the healing of a belly button piercing.

A smart tip is to think about the best time of year to get a piercing that fits your lifestyle. If you do sports that encourage you to remove your piercing during a match, or if the piercing can be damaged by physical contacts, such as sports, martial arts, or rugby, you can plan your schedule.