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Safe Baby Products – The Recommended Range

Baby Products are all products designed for use on babies and small children under the age of 3. Many baby products contain baby oils, powder and ointments, powders and gels. For product safety and ingredient information on various baby products, visit the links below. You will also find valuable information on where to buy quality baby products in your area.

– Organic baby products are made from natural ingredients only. All organic products should be free from artificial coloring and fragrances and contain no pesticides. Pesticides are known to cause serious side effects and are restricted in many countries. If you are unsure if a product is safe to use on your baby or not, don't use it.

– Triclosan is an antibacterial agent found in many personal care products. It can also be found in cleaning products, as it is used to regulate the growth of harmful bacteria. Triclosan is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is considered "high concentration" because of the very concentrated form of the antibiotic, although the concentration level is below what would be expected, since antibiotics are naturally occurring in nature. In pregnant women, triclosan may cause an increase in miscarriages.

– Silica is a material commonly found in baby toys and baby products. However, excessive silica exposure has shown to have a negative impact on the developing nervous system. If you think you have exposed your baby to too much silica, contact your baby's pediatrician immediately. Silica can be found in several common baby products such as baby blankets and clothing, as well as in certain types of crib bedding and toys. If you choose to use artificial crib bedding instead of organic, check to see if the bedding contains silica.

– Diapers are an important baby product that most parents fail to completely evaluate before using. The majority of baby products manufacturers do not list the percentage of cotton in their diapers. This means that you may assume that 100% cotton diapers will keep your baby clean at all times. However, studies have shown that baby diapers that contain only cotton are more absorbent than those that contain only polyester or other synthetic fibers. Using disposable diapers that are composed of little or no cotton can result in many health problems for your baby.

– Soothe and protect your babies as they sleep. Although baby toys are made to help babies learn and function, most baby products manufacturers fail to recognize that babies need to be soothed and protected while sleeping. There are many baby products on the market that are designed to promote healthy sleep habits by providing rocking chairs, soothers, pillows and other items that help babies relax and rest. Purchasing baby toys that promote relaxation will not only help you get a good night's sleep, but will also help to soothe and protect your baby during his or her nap time. Purchasing an audio monitor, video monitor or other baby plaything items can also be a great way to soothe your baby when you are unable to get to him or her.

– Shampoo and conditioner bottles often contain phthalates or Bisphenol A (BPA). Both of these chemical substances have been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but despite this precautionary step consumers continue to purchase baby products that contain these chemical agents. Although BPA is banned by the U.S. FDA, phthalates have been found in a number of European Union countries. To date, the EU has not banned the chemical compounds, but some European Union member states have placed a limit on how much BPA a company can contain within their product.

– Some personal care items for babies may contain lead or other metallic toxins that can be toxic or detrimental to developing infants. Baby bodysuits that come with pouches can contain lead, zinc or copper. Items such as baby powder, baby shampoo, lotion, baby oil and others may contain lead as well. While many infants appear to be healthy on the outside, the inside of their bodies can contain unhealthy levels of metals and toxins. In addition to the health risks associated with these toxic chemicals, infants may also suffer neurological harm as a result of exposure to metals.