Designing a Business Card Might be a Challenge.

A potential customer will keep a business or executive card long after you have left it. As a result, it's a good idea to think about the impression you want to make before you make your cards. Most people use a very conventional design for business or executive cards, which have been around for hundreds of years. If you work in a traditional field, having a traditional business card can be beneficial, but most people want to stand out.

Your business card is likely to end up as a business card holder, if not thousands of other cards. If you opt to go the cheapest route and order your cards from one of the top online printers, your card could end up in the cardholder right next to someone else with the same logo and design. There may be many designs available on a website but some will be far more popular than others. You can find the gold business cards online from

At the other end of the scale, you have the landscape gardener who plants her card with seeds so that once watered it can grow into a mini garden, which is very pleasing to the eye and certainly sets it apart from others. But there aren't many business cardholders.

 It can accommodate a living card, so it's likely to separate from the rest and eventually end up in the bin. Separating the card from the pack isn't always a bad thing, a card designed as a fridge magnet is a perfect solution for the fridge repair person.

Finally, choose the right grade of cardboard for your business or executive card Don't just accept printer standard board it would be a shame after all the yearning on design to end up with something that looks cheap.