What is a waffle pod?

Waffle Pod is a material that is placed in a concrete slab to create "voids" to create a hardened but inexpensive structure. Foam and Styrofoam are traditionally used, but they are not environmentally friendly as they are very difficult to maintain. Waffle uses the patented system which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

The benefit of waffle slabs is that when combined with rebar, they are actually stronger and tougher than traditional concrete slabs. Waffle pods are made of 100% recycled plastic and also save a lot of concrete, which is not environmentally friendly. Then it's easy to run underfloor heating above it. You can look for top waffle pod slab design at https://nicsonsbp.com.au/products for preparing the waffle slabs on the floor.

However, the boards lose their strength when wet in the rain, and the sub-boards made by cutting do not have sufficient rigidity. Later (mid-1990s) waffle molds or sleeves were made of 225mm thick rigid polystyrene. 

In general, waffle boards are more economical than equivalent boards. These cost savings are usually due to less concrete as the main body of the slab can be made up to 85mm thick. Wafer rafts are suitable for flat locations, and the cost of excavation work on site is reduced because there is no need to excavate blocks as in hardened slabs.

Therefore, pay close attention to how the stress is distributed before cutting the wafer plate. Make sure you look carefully at the architectural and engineering drawings to know for sure what your cuts are on the panels.