Ways to Fit Music Marketing Into Your Busy Life

No time for music marketing? I used to be very busy with the other aspects of my work-answering phone calls, emailing clients, and meeting with my staff-among the many other things that consumed my time.

What happened then?

It dawned on me that in order for my business to progress, I needed to invest some time in marketing each and every day without exception. So I became a time management freak and it was then that things started to move to the next level for the bands that I work with.

The best way to start promoting your music is to make time to do it. So below you will find a few of my favorite methods to start making time each day for your music promotion. One step at a time. No matter how strong you think you are, you must realize that you are not Superman. You can’t just do everything in one day. I suggest you hire a professional music marketing firm such as https://viewmaniac.com/ to help you develop a marketing plan.

The key here is to plan in advance so that you will be able to have enough time to work on what you need to do and avoid squeezing everything into one day. Much better if you plan your monthly themes for the whole year and make some tweaks along the way based on the results of the previous monthly activities.

Focus on your marketing strategy. Whatever steps you’ll employ to promote your music, focus on doing it at a particular time of the day. Stay away from whatever distracts your attention while working, be it the TV, radio or the dreaded Facebook account!

Hire someone. If you feel that you don’t really have time to do the marketing yourself, hire someone to do it for you. This person doesn’t have to work full-time or even be a marketing expert. I suggest you use a site like oDesk.com to hire someone to do the mundane tasks in your music career so that you can focus on what matters. Many businesses around the world hire people to write their blogs, manage their Facebook or Twitter accounts or even write articles for them.