The Ultimate Guide To Buying An Inflatable Paddleboard

An inflatable paddle board is a watercraft that mainly uses air pressure to propel the user through the water. They are typically around 18 feet long and can hold up to 150 pounds, making them a great option for beginner paddlers as well as those who want to explore further afield. The boards can be bought in either a stationary or portable format, and come complete with oars and a paddle. 

So how do you choose the right one? 

The best way to start your search is by considering what type of water you will be using it in. If you will be using it mainly in freshwater, then an inflatable board that uses electric motors is probably best. If, however, you plan on using it in salt water, then an engine-powered board would be more appropriate. The main focus is to buy the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards for sale.

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Next, you need to think about your cruising style. Do you want to cruise slowly or at high speeds? An inflatable board that is designed for high-speed cruising may not be the best option if you just want to enjoy a leisurely paddle around the lake or river. 

And finally, consider your budget. While there are some very good quality electric-powered boards on the market that are worth every penny, you can also find cheap and basic models that are good enough for a beginner or even a casual paddler. 

How to Buy an Inflatable Paddleboard?

  • First, decide what type of paddleboard you want. 
  • Next, consider your budget. 
  • Finally, find a retailer that sells paddleboards and visit their store.

Types of Inflatable SUP Boards 

  • Traditional Inflatable Boards
  • Rocker Boards 
  • Inflatable Paddleboards (IPBs)