The Best Branding Strategy – Make a Real Connection in London

What makes some brands connect well with their audience? We can learn about brand building for organizations by also asking ourselves: What makes some people connect well with others? Organizations are like individuals in many ways. Everyone has their own special "fingerprint" – strength, character, and individuality – that makes them unique and recognizable. 

Brand fingerprint process

Following a process that helps uncover an organization's brand scheme in London ensures that the intangible attributes associated with the brand – assets such as integrity and innovation – are translated into tangible, visual presentations that audiences can relate to. This process has two phases, strategy, and visual translation. It works like this:

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Phase I. Strategy

The strategy phase is comparable to traditional brand development methods and is based on core values. In contrast, the exercises in facilitated sessions with decision-makers in companies aim not only to uncover brand values and characteristics but also to gather useful information for the development of a brand's visual translation. 

Phase II: Visual Translation

The visual translation phase takes all the information gathered in the strategy phase and translates it into a visual form that people can see and associate with – a visible brand fingerprint.

Clear and accurate brand fingerprints can communicate overall value, zero defects, and innovation, and make them real. we see Understandable. 

The public will understand at a glance who the organization is, what they tell them and why they should buy, react or move. And it will be real, it will be authentic and it will stand the test of time – because what people are seeing is a synthesis of brand strategy.