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An Overview of Wireless Networking In Singapore

Whether you want to make a phone call from your mobile, receive a message on your pager, or check your email from a PDA, we have come across a wireless data or voice network. If a user or a company wants to make data portable, then Wireless networking is the answer.

The enterprise wireless solutions can also save your time and effort to install multiple cables. 

Wireless network types:

Wireless local area network (WLAN)

WLAN allows users in the local area, e.g. university or library, to network and get wireless Internet access. A temporary network can be created by a few users without the need for an access point; while they do not need access to resources.

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Wireless Private Network (WPANS)

There are two modern technologies for wireless private networks, Bluetooth and infrared. This technology allows personal devices to be connected within 9 meters. Infrared requires a direct line and has less range than Bluetooth technology.

Wireless Metro Network (WMANS)

WMANS allows multiple networks to be connected in a metropolitan area, such as a building in a city. Network connectivity is an alternative to copper or optical cables.

Wireless broadband network (WWANS)

WWANS or wireless networks can be maintained over a large area, for example in different cities or between different countries, through multiple satellite systems or antenna locations. This type of system is called a 2G system.