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Wireless Electricity – Charging Phones And Computers Without Power Cords Is Possible

For over 100 years man has tried to transmit power to appliances using thin air. At that time it was next to impossible but technology has now become so advanced.

It is now possible to charge mobile phones and laptops without connecting them to a charging device. Today even the innovative invisible wireless charger is available in the market which provides more efficiency and convenience.

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The distance that power travels through the air is rather limited by the devices that are available in stores today.

In the 1890s, Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla Coil. One of its intended uses was to transfer energy from the coil into the device. Certain experiments were conducted in which it became possible to illuminate the luminescent tube with no wires connecting it.

Technology never was an economic success. Nowadays, Tesla coils are used primarily for educational and entertainment purposes.

The basic principles that are used in modern products are different. The concept follows the same principle as transformers. Two-wire coils are employed. One coil is used to transform the electrical flow into magnetic fields, and the second changes the field into an electrical current. In a normal transformer, the magnetic field flows through the iron or ferrite core.

If you have an existing device you can have a charging system that does not require tires. Duracell has created a system that they call myGrid. It is a charger pad that connects to the power outlet. For every phone you wish to connect to the system, you need to connect to a Power Clip.

It connects to the regular charger plug of the phone and is then fixed on the handset. If you return home and wish for your mobile to be charged, simply place it in the pad of the charger.