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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy (TPT), is a treatment for specific areas of pain or irritation in your body, which are known as 'trigger spots'. These trigger points can be found in the fascia surrounding your muscles, but not in the muscles.

Because fascia connects all parts of your body, trigger points could have widespread effects. You can also purchase a genuine massage gun for trigger point therapy through Myotrig. TPT from massage guns is popular and sought after for a wide range of ailments.

TPT is often used by massage therapists and chiropractors. The trigger points are the source of pain. Although it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact point, many people have identified patterns that are common to trigger points. A point in your deltoid muscles will most likely be referred to as pain on the lateral side of your arm.

There is a correlation between acupuncture points and the fact that acupuncture is frequently applied to painful areas. Many practitioners of TPT believe that pressing on painful points is not sufficient to provide lasting and meaningful relief. 

What's the treatment like for TPT?

Although the treatment for this therapy is different, many people will follow the same basic approach: identify the trigger point and press on it to release the fascia. There will be variations in the pressure and the time taken to press the same spot. Your therapist may also use your hands, elbows, palms, or elbows to get the desired response from your tissues. Sometimes, relief does not occur immediately after treatment.

Some practitioners may use electro-stimulation, lasers, or injections as well as manual therapy. The practitioner's experience and the patient's specific complaint may affect the effectiveness of the treatment.