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Most Trending Dance Challenges in India

Many online lessons and streaming performances of dance have emerged in the wake of Covid-19's massive lockdown. These are some of the best resources for learning how to dance at home. A good dance challenge is the best way to increase social media interaction. 

These new dance challenges were created during the 2020 coronavirus social distancing period and are a great way to share joy with the wider dance community.

new dance challenges


Most dancers have rehearsed routines for competitions and shows many times. It's time to get them back! You can go back to your first dance recitals, revisit your high school dance team routines, or revisit an older piece. You can still record one of your old "across the floors" combinations even if you haven't performed or competed. 

You'll be amazed at how many old moves you have retained in your body when you revisit these dances.


Many holidaymakers remain at home. Even though you may not be traveling anytime soon, it is possible to still experience cultural 'travel' by learning a dance form another culture. Spanish flamenco and Indian Bharatanatyam are all possible. 

You can also learn American tap dancing, Hawaiian Hula, Irish step dancing, and other dance styles. You'll be able to adapt to a new style and culture by trying out a foreign dance.


This is for dance teachers and students who want to be dance teachers. Offer to teach your family how to dance if they are looking for entertainment at home. You have seen the benefits of dancing firsthand. Now imagine the joy for newbies. You may only be able to do jazz squares and ballet barre warm ups once you have found a willing student.

You might be able to convince them to record you dancing together, or in a split screen setup. Spread dance, not germs.

These are the top-rated Dance challenges on social media. You can take these challenges to add some value to your life. Dancing is never boring.