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How Can You Help Your Child Quit Thumb-Sucking?

First, understand that thumb sucking is not inherently an indication of a disorder, but simply an unhealthy habit for your kid. 

And while stopping your baby as soon as possible is important to avoid developmental complications, understand that kids who suck their thumb are typically doing so to relax themselves. Try to understand why your child needs this comfort and deal with these stressors. You can also look for the best thumb sucking prevention through various websites.

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Second, involve your child in problem-solving. Two heads are better than one, and including your child will make them feel that they are teamwork. Teach your child how thumb sucking can damage their smile.

Third, work together to break the habit. Praise your child for not sucking rather than forcing him to do so. Try to bandage their favorite fingers throughout the day so the texture will warn them that fingers don't belong to the mouth. 

Does your child suck his thumb before bed? Try putting a sock on his hand before going to bed and gluing it in place.  If they still wake up in socks, they can be proud of themselves knowing that they don't suck at night!

Create a reward table for how many days or nights your baby can go without thumb sucking. Use fun stickers or stamps to keep track of your calendar and show their progress. Positivity and encouragement go a long way in breaking the habit.