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Exploring Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Florida has long been a vacation favorite with those in the United States wishing to experience glorious sunshine, exceptional cuisine, and the chance to cool off in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

For families with younger members (or those with an interest in natural history), the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is an unmissable attraction. Combining the attractions of a tropical garden with many species that were first planted in 1919 with some wonderful animal exhibits the one and a half miles of paved pathways allow the visitor to explore at leisure in some of the most attractive surroundings to be found in Florida.

The 52-acre attraction celebrated its centenary in 2019, and continues its work as a leading light in the efforts to conserve the dwindling natural resources of the planet. Those who visit will be afforded an opportunity to find out just how they can make a contribution to these efforts.

However, for young and old the attractions of the incredible botanical exhibits and the animals themselves will be the highlights of any visit to the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Whether visitors have a special interest in birds, mamals or reptiles there is bound to be an exhibit that will surprise, intrigue and delight.

Some of the larger animals include giraffes, Lions, and Black bears. However one of the latest additions to the Zoo may be of special interest – the Giant Anteater of Central and South America. The smaller inhabitants of the Zoo are also both interesting and delightful. The younger members of the family will be entranced by the antics of the many Lemur species that call the Zoo home, while the majesty of the Malayan Tiger and the regal nature of the Cheetah will fascinate anyone with an interest in wildlife. These species are only a smal sampling of those that are housed at the Zoo.


Pythons, alligators, and many species of tortoise are also on view – and the personalities of the Macaws shine through and make them among the most entertaining of the species on display.

While exploring the Zoo patrons will have several opportunities to enjoy refreshments – enabling them to refuel and set out once again to explore the many wonders of the attractions. There is Cafe Roar and the Lakeside Cafe, which offer a great opportunity to enjoy snacks and view the primates and giraffes at the same time. A great alternative is for guests to pack their own picnic refreshments and enjoy one of the relaxation areas at the Zoo.

The smaller family members can enjoy their day at the zoo even more from the back of wagons that are available for rental at the gift shop. The gift shop has a huge variety of wildlife-related goods for purchase, including some great t-shirts, stuffed toys, and books.

The Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is simply one of the best family experiences in Florida. It is an unmissable day out – and provides a great alternative for that beach trip or time spent in the often busy urban centers of the state.