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Crafty Tip: Keeping Scissors Sharp

How many of you have a pair of scissors or two around the house that you use to cut paper, cardboard, fabric, rope, plastic wrap, the list goes on. Scissors in your office or kitchen drawer may be the most reliable everyday tool in your home, but they can get tedious over time.

Years ago I found a way to keep the rose gold scissors sharp for a long time, even in everyday use. The first step to keeping the scissors sharp when you're fiddling a lot and alone is to have more than one pair of scissors, but not for any reason you might think.

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The reason you have more than one pair of scissors is that you have to mark each pair of scissors to do only one job. For example one pair for cutting fabric, one for paper, one pair for cutting thick materials such as foam, one pair for small pieces.

Have you ever tried cutting tape in a kitchen drawer with scissors? You get ragged edges. Just by using scissors called "rags" to cut the tape, you'll get a clean cut every time and the blade will stay sharp for longer. When cutting wire ribbons, use a pair called "wire ribbons" as the wire can dull the blade more quickly.

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If you label each pair, even your family will know which pair to use, so your scissors will be delighted. If your scissors are dull, it won't be too expensive to replace them, but you can sharpen them like you would a knife with a whetstone. You can even sharpen boring scissors by cutting out folded sheets of aluminum foil.

Another tip for keeping it sharp and working well every time you use it is to clean it of wrinkles, glue, or paint before storing it. This will ensure that they will be sharp the next time you cut them again.