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How to Choose a Property Manager?

There are many things you should consider when looking for a property manager. To trust someone to manage your property, and maximize your investment, you need to know many things about them and their company.

Property managers are essentially property owners' replacements in managing tenant problems, maintenance screening, and leasing. There are many property management companies in Auckland available online that provide free rent appraisals and consultations

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It is important to research the services offered by each property management company in Auckland and how they will manage the property. This will ensure that the property is occupied more often and the tenant is treated well.

Below are some questions you should ask your property manager. After you have collected the necessary information, you can start to compare property managers to find the best one to manage your property.

  • How often do the property managers visit them? A property manager who answers that question with "When there's a maintenance problem" is not a good choice. A manager in Auckland should visit your property at least once every 30 days.  
  • Are you able to have a maintenance team available 24 hours a day? This question can be answered quickly by a reliable property management company. You can rest assured that your tenants and property will be looked after in any situation.
  • What documentation will you send me? A good manager in Auckland will provide a monthly report detailing all income and expenses as well as a tax report for each year.
  • A property manager who will abandon your property in ruin is not one you want.

These questions will help you to eliminate property managers in Auckland that you don’t want and choose the ones that fit your criteria for further investigation.