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Read This Before Applying Tree Herbicides to Your Forest

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Forests give you shade, fruits, and support the environment as well as ecological balance. However, they also bring invasive species, undesirable vegetation, and unwanted weeds. Besides being a nuisance, these can wash away the desired nutrition, killing your plants. Herbicides (weed killers) help solve this problem by attacking specific targets, which can be a tricky job. But you can start with these common applications and methods for a safer forest.

  • Foliar Spray: This method requires you to pick the herbicide, dilute it with water, and spray directly over leaves or shrubs. You can use a hose, gun or backpack spray for a small area. Spraying brooms and tractors are ideal options to cover a large forest area. However, the foliar spray is an ideal option for shrubs or weeds you want to eliminate that are no taller than 6 metres.
  • Soil Herbicide Application: If your forest area covers several acres, this technique proves to be a cost-effective choice. Soil herbicide application involves removing small shrubs accumulated in high density by attacking the affected roots or trees directly. You should be careful with this approach as rains can wash the herbicide from target areas and spread it to other trees and shrubs around.
  • Stem Injection: This this method, you will inject the herbicide directly into the weeds through sapwood tissues and stems. It helps deal with weeds and the quicker the weeds absorb the herbicide and travel, the faster you will get the results, which is 15 seconds on average.

You can also apply herbicides through the bark or cut stumps. But if you want to create a sustainable forest that benefits both the mankind and environment, you should get private native forest plans devised and approved first.