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All About Cooperate Studio setup

You can set up the studio in different ways to achieve what you or your subject requires. You can use two lights, one is the light diffuser and the other is the backlight above the background focusing the subject's head.

The light diffuser eliminates the shadows. Another method is to use one light diffuser to one side and another backlight from another side to eliminate the shadows and a second backlight above the background focusing the head of the subject.

You can also use umbrellas on either side instead of a light diffuser. Try a couple of arrangements to find which mode will be suitable for you. You can also look for the best corporate portraits in Brisbane.

Outdoor photography:

If you shoot your pictures outside the studio with the availability of natural light, don't use flash. You can use light reflectors to eliminate glare and the shadows.

Dawn or dusk will be perfect for outdoor corporate photography if you have properties along with your subjects. Throw flash on the subject to allow the subject to stand alone from the rest of the background.

Group photography:

In case of multiple subjects, focus the group from above and lower the shutter speed to shoot image without noise and blur. Use this technique especially to have a cover multiple subjects enclosed in smaller spaces.

For larger spaces use a camera and lens with extra length that would give a full frame for a fullcover. These techniques will help resolve the challenges you might face with corporate photography.