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About The Equipment Of An Abandoned Well

If you're removing an abandoned oil well, there are a few pieces of equipment you'll need. The most important piece of equipment is a drill rig. This will be used to drill holes into the oil well and then use a special pipe called a spud gun to insert a specialized bit into the hole and start drilling. 

Another important piece of oil well abandonment is a set of hydrostatic pressure meters. These meters measure the pressure inside the drill rig and provide information on how deep the well is drilled, how much oil is being extracted, and whether any gas or water is present in the well.

The equipment needed to safely and cleanly remove an abandoned oil well varies based on the type of well. However, the most common equipment includes a drill rig, a truck with a hopper, a hydro-pump, a JCB machine, and a team of skilled workers.

To begin, the drill rig will be set up in a location where the well is located. The truck with the hopper will then be driven to the well site and filled with drilling mud and sand. The hydro-pump will then be activated and begin to pump the drilling mud and sand down into the well. Once the well has been fully drilled, the JCB machine will be called in to begin removing the drill string and other equipment. Finally, the team of workers will descend into the well to begin cleaning it up.