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Traditional Indian Dance Forms To Learn

India’s cultural heritage is rich. Every state in India is unique, as is its cultural heritage. India is the only country that has a unique form of dance. It is hard to explain the beauty and grace of Indian Classical Dance. You can search online various dance forms of India and also learn new styles through the app.

These dances will transport you to another dimension. Folk Dances are the dominant form of dance here, followed by Classical Dances. Folk dances tend to be more localized and associated with specific places, while classical dances are associated more with temple culture and are performed more as if to please God and Goddess.

These Classical Dances are both spiritual and aesthetic in their essence. These dances are associated with the cosmic element, myths, symbolism, and mystic responses, as well as philosophical explanations. Amazing dance performances are a highlight. The graceful body movements that give the dances their unique flavor include the eyes, neck, hands, and facial expressions.

Six main classical dances have emerged in the 2000-year history of Classical Dances. Bharata’s Natyashastra is the best resource for describing Indian Dramatic attributes and guidelines. This treatise focuses on two aspects of Indian dance: Nritya, which is interpretative and pure, and Nritta, which is the pure dance. The ‘Abhinaya darpanam’ is another bible for Indian dance. It outlines the basic principles of every technique.

Prominent forms of dance have been given the classical Dance status by The Sangeet Natak Academy:

1. Bharatnatyam in Tamil Nadu

2. Odissi from Orissa

3. Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh

4. Manipuri, Manipur

5. Mohiniattam, Kerala