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Cottage Vs Bungalow: What Is The Difference Between Them?

Whether you are going on vacation or buying a home, it is recommended to know the house specifications. There are various types of houses based on their structure and designs. 

Knowing these details will give you an idea of costs and what works best for you and yours. There is typically confusion in the term used for a residence when deciding on a Cottage or a Bungalow. You can also check online to get more information about the best architect cottage.

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Cottages are usually small houses. They are known for being old-fashioned buildings. Nowadays, a cottage is a modest, often cozy home located in a rural or semi-rural location. 

Traditionally, cottages were one-room dwellings, but now, modern cottage floor plans are commonly just one large main floor that combines with a kitchen, bathroom, and one or two bedrooms. 


The bungalows are raised from the ground level, about two feet or more; they are built with large windows to help distribute the air inside the house, they have wide hallways. 

Because bungalows are elevated from the ground, all of their styles have steps leading up to the front door, with large verandas surrounding the house’s exterior. 

Traditional bungalows are only single-storied dwellings. Bungalows are fantastic options for buying or investing essentially because they are not as expensive in materials as cottages are and because their demand is sharp.