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How Can Your Table Linens In Melbourne

Nothing makes entertaining easier than having all your tablecloths, table runners, and cloth napkins cleaned and ready for use.  Knowing how to clean table linens and store them correctly is the key.


Check to see if there is a care label anywhere on the table cloth and follow it exactly.  If there are no care instructions, then just place it in cool water and hand wash it with a gentle old-fashioned laundry soap. You can also rent linens from commercial linen services in Melbourne

Rinse it thoroughly and do not use a fabric softener, as it will discolor the fabric in storage. Let it hang dry and press with a cool iron.

Once the white cloth is no longer pulling color from the cloth you can proceed by rubbing the bar soap off the area and putting the napkin into the washer. Make sure to check that the stain is totally gone before putting the napkin in the dryer.

Overall yellowing

If you have an heirloom tablecloth that is starting to yellow or fade, add some oxygen bleach to the wash cycle to brighten the colors and remove the dingy look.  Remember to avoid fabric softeners in the rinse cycle as they can affect the coloring of the table cloth.


It’s much easier to iron a damp tablecloth is much easier than a dry one. Plus, it gives your table cloth a nice crisp look. Remove the tablecloth from the rinse cycle and let it air dry until it’s just damp. If any areas get too dry, spritz them with plain tap water in a spray bottle.