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Leaving Cert Grinds- The Best Learning Platform

Leaving Cert Online offers 5th and 6th year students all over Ireland comprehensive and thorough grinds. The official curriculum guides each subject into its own topic.

Each topic is presented live in video format. Our courses include worksheets and supplementary learning aids that provide additional support for students studying for the certificate exams. Live video lessons are taught by experts and cover all topics.

Students can take the Leaving Certificate grinds Online course depending on whether they are available for the higher or more difficult level exam.


Leaving Cert Online provides extensive video courses that help students in 5th and 6th years prepare for their exams. Our courses cover every aspect of the official curriculum. Online courses are a great way to learn and get extra support.

For exam success, consistency is key. You will be able to complete one module or topic per week with Leaving Cert Online. Each video explains a topic or chapter in detail and is easy to comprehend and remember. Each video will be followed by a 1-hour work assessment. This is important for better comprehension and information retention.

Each module and video will have revision as the course develops. Revision of past topics is a proven way to enhance learning and help students in exams.

Students can access extensive materials and learning support online through Leaving Cert Online. Students have been taking Leaving Cert exams online in recent years for subjects they do not study in school. The online courses are comprehensive and students who use them as their sole source of learning are guaranteed an excellent outcome.