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How To Find An Affordable Individual Insurance Plan in Virginia?

If your employer does not offer insurance or you are self-employed, it can be difficult to find affordable individual insurance. These are the problems you'll face and the solutions that will ensure you get the right plan for you at a fair price.

Decide what coverage you need

Single insurance plans in Virginia offers a wide range of benefits. A plan with a low medical deduction that covers prescriptions and office visits before the deductible is most popular. Another type of plan is "major medical and only" or "catastrophic" plans. This category also includes high-deductible health plans that include health savings accounts. It is important to find the right balance between price and coverage.

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Find your eligibility

Many companies will underwrite applicants. They may also review the applicant's health history and current medical status to decide if they will offer a plan. Before you fill out an application, it is important to understand how the insurer will review your medical history. It is best to get advice from a local agent for health insurance. A local agent is usually free of charge.


You can apply for the plan you desire. The application can be obtained from the insurance company's website, local agents, or online. Send the completed application. Send the completed application to an insurance agent who has helped you. Ask your agent how long the application process should take.