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CPR Training Service for New Parents

It's a well-known fact that infants are the most vulnerable of all creatures. Our world is becoming more unpredictable. It is impossible to predict what could happen next. Your newborn could be in dangerous situations. Parents must ensure that their child is safe and well-being. You can do this best by enrolling in CPR Training service and First Aid courses that are focused on infant emergencies.

Common Infant Emergencies

Emergencies can occur when you least expect them. It is vital to be prepared for anything. These can occur due to common household accidents, or because of the onset of medical conditions. Choking, suffocation, and poisoning are all common infant emergencies. Because infants are prone to putting foreign objects in their mouths, this is because they could get blocked airways, or even be poisoned by ingesting dangerous substances. To get more details about CPR Training service you may browse this site.

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Infant Emergencies

When you're faced with an emergency situation with your infant, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. If you panic, your child will not be able to help you. You should immediately call the emergency services and inform them of the nature of your emergency.

In extreme cases, where the child stops breathing or if the heart is not beating properly, you might need to perform infant CPR yourself. You will decide if your child can survive the ordeal. It is important that you respond quickly.

The infant CPR procedure is different than the standard way to perform CPR with adults. Instead of using your hands to perform chest compressions, use only two fingers to pump the infant’s sternum. The basic principles of the procedure are the same, as you may be able to see. It works by helping the child breathe and allowing oxygenated blood to flow to his brain.