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How to Buy Dress Shirts Best Fitted With Your Body?

You need to take some steps in order to find the right dress shirt for you. Straight collars are great for formal events and office use. Both button down collars as well as curved collars are suitable for casual and formal occasions. 

Wide curved collars, tabs collars, and collars that appear are great for casual occasions as well as family functions such as trips, outings, and other family events. The cuffs can be worn with buttons or cuff-links. Cuff-links should not be worn if you are wearing other apparels, such as jackets or sweaters. If you want to buy the high-quality curved collar shirts refer to https://www.dandyandson.com/collections/all-shirts.

extreme cutaway collar shirt

You can now finish your custom dress shirt order by checking its finishing. The hem must be properly stitched. Be careful to inspect the collar and torso joints, the button line, the button hemline, and the arms. 

You must ensure that the stitching is straight and even. Also, make sure that joints are neatly assembled without creases. Check the sleeves from the arm. If there are any creases at the corners where your arm and custom dress shirt meet, pull them out.

You are now ready to order your custom tailored shirt after reading the above information. The ordering process is simple and hassle-free with the reputable online custom dress shirt vendor.