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Recognizing Electrical Hazards Online Course

Electricity is available everywhere in the workplace. It powers most of the machines, computers, devices and tools used in the workplace and allows us to preview the work. There is no workplace without electricity, but with its usefulness comes great danger. Electricity can cause fires, damage equipment, and injure and kill workers by burns and electric shock. 

An electrical accident can cost a company a job for days. Adequate electrical safety training can save your business millions of dollars or the lives of employees. E-learning is so important that OSHA has set the standard for training on the subject. OSHA divides training into three categories – hazard identification, good work practices, and job-specific hazards. Basic electrical safety guidelines must be understood when working with or around electricity.

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To understand hazard identification, it is important to understand how electricity works. Electricity is measured in power (volts) and intensity (amperes). It is an amplifier that delivers electric shocks. Volts power tools and machines by driving electricity into the machine. 

The amp determines the strength of this force. Electric current only flows when the circuit or circuit is closed – the circuit is a continuous flow of current from the source to the engine and back. This cycle is interrupted by an on/off switch which stops this continuous flow.

If too many devices are connected to the same circuit, the wires may overheat and the circuit breaker and on/off switch may open the circuit. Everyone has experienced this with their home chain. You have to go down to the fuse box or reset the circuit by pressing the button on your exit. While this precaution is good, it does not always provide complete security.