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Benefits of Integrating Marketing Automation With CRM

It is undoubtedly that the integration of the automation of the CRM and marketing is a key step in the success of any business, regardless of its size. Here are five benefits that companies can win by integrating the CRM with the correct marketing automation solution or get a free demo.

Deliver more prospects ready for sale

When you have always worked, Marketing Automation and CRM can help you check that the prospects provided to your sales team are warmed and prepared to buy. 

Follow the value of each campaign by gaining visibility in performance

By integrating, the marketing platform and the CRM can help you follow the answers of your marketing campaigns from the first time at the last sale. You can get information about conversions by receiving how many prospects have reacted to your call to the activity. 

Improve productivity by helping sales prioritize prospects

A marketing automation frame that specifically integrates into a CRM gives a window into online communications that the prospects have had with an organization, for example their web visit and their download history, attendance webinar, opening and clicked on messages, etc. 

Accelerate the process by shortening the sales cycle

A good automation platform allows specialists from marketing specialists to lead efficiently in the pipeline using strategies such as content marketing, triggered email campaigns, site visitors monitoring and social media awareness coordinates. They can also restore cold slopes through email campaigns.

Increase the average income and size of the transaction via lead

A nourished buyer is better taught – and more motivated to buy more. With the use of marketing automation, marketers can give content that answers directly to the problems they face each point in the decision-making process.