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A Knowledgeable DUI Attorney Can Help You With Second DUI Case

If you have managed to find yourself in a predicament facing you with a second DUI fee, it will surely jeopardize your current state and leave your future on a permanent record. While most states treat the first DUI charge with varying degrees of severity, rest assured that the judge will throw the book at you if you are convicted on the second charge.

Depending on the conditions that convicted you of your first DUI charge, you may have paid a hefty fine or even performed community service. However, this is sure to look like a picnic, as the second sentence will result in multiple attacks on your finances, freedom, and character. You can now also save yourself from dui charges by hiring a reliable dui attorney in Naples.

Washington State DUI Conviction Consequences

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You can be fined up to thousands of dollars, given a sentence of thirty days to two and a half years, and have your license revoked for a period of one to two years. You will definitely have a living record. 

You could lose your current job, have great difficulty finding someone else, and end up paying more to insure your car than you could have paid after initial conviction. Therefore, it is very important to have an experienced DUI attorney to handle your case so that you can move forward with minimal loss to your finances and reputation. 

A skilled attorney who only handles DUI cases can even help you avoid punishment or even drop all charges by examining the case through a legal microscope and finding mistakes made by the official in charge.

There must be a lot of stakes to be charged for a second DUI as your name will be sentenced to life in prison. This will make it harder for you to find a job and finding a job related to driving is nearly impossible. A skilled DUI attorney can look at your first DUI sentence to develop a strategy to counter your second.