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Types of Concrete Overlays

When it comes to concrete overlay, there are a few different types that can be used. The most common type is a skim coat, which is when just a thin layer of concrete is sprayed over the surface. A semipermeable membrane is then applied, and the surface is sealed so water cannot penetrate. To know more about concrete overlays, you can check this website – Concrete Epoxy 101.

This type of overlay is good for areas that get a lot of rain or other moisture, as the concrete will be able to hold up better to those elements. Another type of overlay is an epoxy barrier coat.

This type of overlay uses an epoxy mixture to form a barrier between the concrete and the substrate. This type of overlay is good for areas that are frequently wet or subject to heavy traffic, as it will help protect the concrete from damage. 

There are also other types of overlays that can be used, including a self-leveling overlay, which uses microscopic air bubbles to help the concrete settle into its new position; a flexiblezyne membrane system; and a reactive dye membrane system. Whatever type of overlay is chosen, it needs to be specifically designed for the area being covered and tested beforehand in order to make sure it will work properly and provide the level of protection it’s meant to.

The type of overlay that is the best choice for your situation depends on many different things, including the age and condition of the concrete surface, how much damage needs to be repaired, what speed you need to fill the cracks, and how much access you have to dry or wet areas. The images below show typical examples of concrete repair projects, with pictures showing both before and after overlays were placed over them.