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Child Custody Laws for Single Parents

Guardianship is a very emotional issue, especially for single parents who are not married. Custody disputes can become very uncomfortable if the father disowns the father, the unmarried parents do not live together, or the relationship ends.

Custody Law

We will focus on the custody of unmarried mothers and fathers with illegitimate children. A divorced spouse may also be referred to as a single parent, but the same laws do not always apply. To understand better about child custody law visit https://www.panighettilaw.com/.

Children's rights

The basic principle remains the same for all custody laws. Children's rights come first. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that states must act in the interests of the child in all legal matters. Children of single parents have the same rights as children born in marriage.

The basic rights of children include:

  • Right to live

  • Right to name and citizenship

  • Right to take care of parents

  • Right to contact both parents

  • Single parent rights

Custody describes the legal relationship between parents and children. This relationship includes rights and obligations. Single parent custody may include:

  • Both biological parents have automatic custody

  • Unmarried mothers have automatic custody

  • Unmarried mothers must apply for custody

  • Unmarried fathers must prove paternity before applying for custody, even if his name is on the birth certificate