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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Commercial Refrigeration Failure

There's nothing more dangerous than a commercial refrigeration failure during dinner service. It puts your clients at risk. Your kitchen team's production slows down. Refrigerators take time to repair and may take longer to close. 

The best way to avoid major damage to your commercial equipment is preventive maintenance. You will prevent major problems, lower operating costs, and extend the life of your equipment. You can also visit this site to get the best commercial refrigeration cleaning services.

Here are some commercial refrigeration maintenance tips:

Contact a support expert

There are several types of refrigeration services that are best left to professionals. Twice a year, get an expert in your business to examine the motor, refrigerant level, compressor, and wiring. 

Your technician should present you with a detailed report after the inspection which will provide you with information about the condition of your equipment. It should contain the make, serial number, model, and temperature of each device being tested.

Take care of your equipment

Many devices have a self-diagnostic system that alerts you when a problem occurs. If your device does not have this technology, then you can still find out the problem by taking care of your device. A change in the holding temperature indicates that something is wrong.

 If your equipment is more powerful than usual, it may be damaged. If food has a shorter shelf life than usual, it may mean you have a problem. If the refrigerator turns on and off more than usual, there may be something wrong.