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Car Spray Paint Gun for Removing Scratches

Car spray paint gun is easy to apply and creates a smooth, easy coat in one application. However, before you buy a scratch-resistant car paint spray gun, make sure you know the correct methodology for using it, otherwise, it could endanger your business. 

Prepare the surface before applying spray paint. To do this, you'll need textured paper to remove rust, old paint and other varnishes, and much more. You can also get more information about paint spray guns via https://panelstore.co.nz/collections/gear/Spray-Gun.

Car Spray Paint Gun for Removing Scratches

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For minor scratches, soak the emery pad in water and scrub gently. Repeat the movement until the scratches are gone. Wait for the area to dry a little. Since it looks flat and smooth, you can treat it with a paint spray gun.

For deep scratches, use refill paste. Use a rubber applicator to smooth a thin layer of the scratch. Clean off the remaining paste immediately. Leave the paste on for at least 30 minutes. 

Shake the paint spray gun before use as the kneading ball moves freely. Hold the box at a distance of 10 inches from the target surface and spray the paint in a swipe motion to prevent the paint from dripping. 

Now spray the outside of the target area so that the paint can blend with the surrounding surface. Let the area dry for 72 hours. If the spray button becomes clogged, it's best to clean or replace the tip of the applicator that got stained while painting.