Simple Patio Design Ideas For a Great Patio

Some of the best innovations and design ideas end up being the simplest. This is no more true than with patio design ideas and features for patio living. 

After all, the whole point of a patio is to have a space where you can kick up your heels and unwind from the worries of the world. 

In fact, you might not even want a covered patio after all. For the simplest of the patio covers, go with a pergola. This simple structure is not only one of the more simple ways to get some much-needed shade for your patio, but it can also add the element of ambiance and character as well. You can look online for the best custom designs of patios and pergolas.

50 Gorgeous Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

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In addition to this, it is one of the more simple patio structures out there. There is a reason why the pergola is so popular. Most pergolas, classically, are constructed of wood. Both cedar and redwood make great choices. 

Other patio design ideas include the use of stone and other masonry items. These patio cover concepts will give your place the appearance and feel of a Spanish house or Mediterranean getaway.

Both of these designs have been popular for a long time, and we don't see that changing anytime soon. Go for it if your plans call for more traditional patio lounging ideas.