Role Of Training Technicians

The Release Train Engineer or RTE is a key part of the SAFe team. Like the role of the Scrum Master in the team, the role of the RTE in the program also known as the Agile Release Train is a mystery when viewed in isolation. You can also find Release Train Engineer Training to Get SAFe RTE Certification.

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Let's try to understand some of the important responsibilities of RTE.

1. Create and report calendars for program iteration and improvement (PI)

One of SAFe's core values is alignment. To meet program objectives and, if desired, to offer added value, the team follows a rhythm at the team and program level and synchronizes their efforts. 

2. Facilitate PI Planning readiness by encouraging ongoing research processes

In addition, Master makes it easy to ensure that the team (including the PO) is ready for the planning meeting, which includes clarity on the backlog, among other things. 

For successful PI planning, it's also not enough RTE to book a room and hope that everything goes according to plan. You need to work with product management and systems architects to be ready for a big event. 

3. Enable event planning PI

The success of the Increment Program lies in facilitating near-perfect PI planning, which helps teams organize and plan themselves. PI planning requires that RTEs have a variety of techniques and tools to support their large groups of kittens. 

In order for this two-day planning to run smoothly, the RTE must be prepared and aware of the goals to be achieved in the short and long term.