How To Apply A Paint Stripper In Perth

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have at least one room in your home that you just can’t stand the look of – the walls are covered in paint! Whether it’s old paint that needs to be removed before you can start fresh with a new colour or just paint that has begun to peel and crack, there are plenty of ways of paint removal from brick

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Here are easy steps to follow: 

1. Prep the surface: First, make sure that the surface you’re going to be working on is properly prepared. This means removing any dust, dirt, or other debris that could get into the mix and cause problems. If the paint is particularly stubborn or embedded in the surface, you may need to use a cleaner first in order to loosen it up.

2. Use a paint stripper: The second step is to use a paint stripper. There are many varieties available online or at your local hardware store, but all of them work essentially the same way. You will apply the stripper to a cloth or piece of paper and then rub it over the surface of the paint until it begins to dissolve. 

If you want to remove paint from brick in a few easy steps, one of the best methods is to use a paint stripper. Paint strippers can be bought at most home improvement stores, or online. You will need to mix the paint stripper with a medium such as water or oil first.