Everything About Different Types of Espresso

Incidentally, espresso is French, but now it has expanded in Italy. The taste is much more intense and dense than conventional black coffee. The taste can be stronger and even denser than filter coffee. 

It is available in very different versions and is above all the basis for many espresso drinks. You can now look for the best coffee at Quazaam Coffee.

Types of coffees 101: The complete guide to the different cuppa joes

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Coffee varieties:-

If you feel the espresso is strong, you can mix it with hot water. This type of drink is called a Caffè Americano and is in many ways synonymous with a regular coffee for Italian visitors.

Ristretto is actually the better variety and is less colorful (about 1.5 to 2 ounces).

Lungo is known for being a good (long) espresso, but unlike adding hot water after we make it in americano, we allow a much greater flow of water through the ground espresso. This gives the espresso a bitter taste and of course a larger volume (about 6 to 8 ounces).

Doppio is a double espresso. For example, mix 2 espressos in one cup.

Caffe macchiato contains a small amount of warm milk (about 1.5 ounces whole milk).

Latte macchiato is the opposite, adding 1.5 ounces (half shot) of 3 ounces of espresso. boiled whole milk.

Cortado is actually a Spanish drink where you drink espresso and warm milk one on one. Many put more water in the espresso, so the Cortado can have nearly 10 ounces.

Con Panna is espresso with a little cream on top.

Corretto is really espresso with a hint of alcohol.