Avoid Dark Spots And Patches By Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

The sun, especially the sun's ultraviolet rays, is the biggest culprit in skin care. The proof is that many people have black spots, as well as spots caused by prolonged exposure to the sun on their skin.

When sunlight falls directly on the skin, melanin is created, which gives people a dark color and protects the skin from the sun. Melanin causes blemishes because more melanin builds up on it and looks darker than the rest of the skin.

When people want to come in contact with the skin, it is best to use sunscreen’s and  Best Lotion for dark spots which will provide protection to your skin for a long period of time.and protect skin from the sun UV rays.

People with fair skin should be very careful when out in the sun, as their skin offers little protection from the sun. Melanin is produced in smaller quantities and therefore not sufficient to protect the skin. 

When the sun's rays are strongest in hot temperatures, usually between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, people should avoid the sun like the plague.

The best sunscreens are those with a sun protection factor of more than 30. This is an almost sure way to prevent blemishes. Therefore, take better care of your skin.