Are You In Need Of An Electrical Service Upgrade For Your Home?

Your home's electrical power has been sporadic lately. Every time you use the microwave or hairdryer, your lights flicker. Plugin your new home entertainment system, and blow a fuse. What could be causing this problem? Your home's electric panel might need to be updated.

Modern households have many electrical devices that run 24 hours a day. Even systems and electronics that are turned off, but left plugged in, can suck electrical current. To determine if your home needs an upgrade, consult a licensed professional. You can also get electrical services from

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What Upgrades Do I Need?

If your electrical circuits are not able to keep up with your demands, this is the most obvious sign you need a service upgrade. You might be overtaxing your panel if you find yourself having to unplug an appliance to make it work with another, or if your lights flicker from certain activities. You might need to upgrade your panel, even if there aren't frequent service interruptions. Your current panel may be out of date if it has less than 200 amps or has a screw-in fuse. It's worth considering an upgrade to your electrical panel if your home is older than 20 years.

What if I wait to upgrade?

It's not a good idea for residential electrical repairs to be delayed. A damaged or outdated electrical panel can not only be annoying but also dangerous. You are asking each outlet to perform at its maximum capacity if you have too many extension cords and power strips in your home. Overheating circuits can cause damage to your computer, printer.