Are Custom Orthotics Recommended For Flat Feet?

Most sources do not recommend orthotics specifically for flat feet. Now, for people who have weak or fallen arches that haven’t fallen completely, orthotics can be the perfect solution. By providing the additional support your arch needs, it can help you be free from pain and possibly prevent your arch from falling further.

Some people are born with flat feet, while many others develop them over time. Standing or walking for hours in high heels, or wearing poorly designed shoes that offer little or no arch support, are usually contributing factors. Insoles that provide arch support and stabilize the heel must be used at all times. You can also order custom orthopedics in Pickering online.

There are many types available in various materials, thicknesses, and colors. So you can have a pair for each shoe you have. In addition to ordering special orthotics for the prevention of flat feet, you may want to consider arching, which provides extra support and reduces pain. 

If you must wear high heels regularly, you should consider soles that shift the weight of the foot from the ball to the back of the heel. Orthotics not only support the arches but also realign the ankle and foot.

There are many different manufacturers who claim to be the creator of custom foot orthotics. To truly custom-made impression of the foot should be taken first. This impression can be achieved by using the ancient technology of mold or can be done through a three-dimensional scanner. Either way, a professional should be involved to help get the best results.