An Introduction to First Aid Kits

To be fully prepared, you need a complete and easily accessible first aid kit for home, car and vacation. The first aid kit contains all the tools needed for an emergency. Kits can be used before paramedics arrive if there are minor abrasions to the knee or more severe in a car accident. Pre-assembly of all tools will help you in any emergency. You can also visit to know more about first aid kits. 

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First aid kits can be purchased or made at home. You can buy a first aid kit online from a drug store, or your American Red Cross can sell it. Prices range from about $10 for a basic kit to $200 for a professional kit. You can also purchase kits designed for the home, car, office, or outdoors. These kits usually cost less than $50. Don't be afraid to customize a store-bought first aid kit with your prescription, extra bandages, emergency contact sheets, or anything else you might need.

If you decide to make your own kit, purchase a portable, lightweight, and water-resistant container for storing supplies. Plastic bathtubs, plastic accessory boxes, or article boxes are excellent fixtures. It can be helpful to purchase all of your supplies first, then find containers to store and organize.

When selecting a kit, consider situations that could result in personal injury. Injuries are caused by medical conditions, the environment, or trauma. Think about who will use the kit: adults, children, animals? Do you need emergency food for outdoor equipment? What about the wires or the oil in the car? Ask yourself these questions to put together your perfect set.

Always make sure to update your first aid kit. Make sure they load properly, your medications haven't expired, and you have up-to-date prescriptions and contact information.