All About Cannabis And Its Effects

Cannabis sativa, also called hemp, is a species of this Cannabaceae family of crops. Cannabis includes the compound THC, which is thought to be responsible for almost all the characteristics and side effects of cannabis that contribute to the "high" which is advocated when cannabis is consumed.

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Which are the consequences of cannabis?

The consequences experienced by the cannabis (marijuana) user are variable and will depend upon the dosage, method of administration, previous experience, any concurrent medication use, private expectations, mood condition, and the social environment where the drug is utilized.

Outcomes of cannabis (marijuana) contain:

1) An altered state of consciousness. The consumer can feel "high", happy, relaxed, social, and uninhibited.

2) Distorted senses of space and time. The consumer can feel much more sensitive to things around them, and might also encounter a more vibrant sense of taste, sight, hearing, and smell.

3) Increased heart rate and heartbeat, dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, and frequently increased appetite.

4) Diminished concentration and coordination, making activities like driving a vehicle or operating machinery tough and dangerous.

5) Negative encounters, such as anxiousness, fear, self-consciousness, and paranoid ideas.

6) Individuals using large amounts of cannabis might become curable or disoriented and might encounter toxic psychosis.