Advantages and Uses of Digital Business Visiting Card

Business cards are not dead, they are simply reborn in a new form—virtual cards. Changes are only physical. People are now being exchanged digital cards instead of paper cards. Nevertheless, the purpose and function remain the same. Like traditional cards, people use virtual business cards to share business information and network with people.

Traditional cards are in print form and come in the size of a paper wallet containing your company information. A person gives the card in person, such as during a party. However, times have changed. 

More and more companies are bringing their business online. Along with these are the changes in which people reach out to customers or potential business associates. To network with people, business professionals are adopting online business profiles such as LinkedIn as well as social sites such as Facebook. If you are searching for Custom Shaped Metal Business Cards then refer to Pure Metal Cards

Traditional vs Virtual Card

For most people, the exchange of cards is a social ritual that has become part and parcel of the networking process. For some, it's even a personal statement, a way to make an impact on new contacts. For some, it's a status symbol: If you don't have a card, you don't have a real job. However, with the advent of the digital address book, the exchange of information has shifted from handshakes to hard drives.

Benefits of Digital Card

With the growing concern of forest loss, online cards make it possible to network with people in a sustainable, more ecologically responsible way. No paper is produced, no ink is used to print the cards. There's also no carbon footprint associate with the shipment of paper stock or the business cards themselves.

There is no first print or reprint to worry about. You don't have to wait days for a shop to print and deliver your cards. With an online business card, you pay only once for the use of the software. Since everything can be done online, manufacturing and production can be done without leaving your office.