A Guide On Call Center Quality Assurance

Thing is, receiving poor service from a call center is an all-too-common complaint. Even call centers with a great customer support reputation can’t afford to be complacent.

So how can your call center optimize your efforts for customer satisfaction while committing to continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement? You can also get quality assurance for call centers services online.

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To determine how well you’re doing (and how happy your customers are), what I’ve found works best is a good quality assurance process.

The highest stage of evolution in QA is the strategic framework. Instead of dealing with daily, monthly, or even yearly objectives, this one’s aimed at achieving long-term, company-wide goals.

With a top-down approach and a focus on actionable behaviors, this framework is useful if you want to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS), understand the impact of customer service on sales, and use quality assurance as a differentiator to drive customer loyalty.

The strategic framework also encourages QA teams to develop a culture of mutual understanding and respect—listening to agents’ feedback and giving them the skills to do their job without micromanaging them.

Most companies work their way up to this stage gradually, as it’s important to get the operational and tactical parts right first—don’t run before you can walk!